3. What makes us different?

At Customer Service Direct we recognize that you can sell the best product or service in the world but without the ultimate customer service experience, customer retention is limited. A product or service is often judged on the customer’s overall satisfaction rather than just the product itself.

Here’s a list of what makes us stand out from the rest:

  • Our customer service team members are courteous, caring and always willing to help – the foundation of ultimate customer service.
  • Each client has a dedicated Customer Service Team, to assist their customers with product enquiries, shipping questions, upsell opportunities and returns issues. Our mission is to ensure that their customers use products effectively, access any information they need quickly, and customer dissatisfaction is kept to a minimum. As a result we believe our clients will see reduced returns and an increase in repeat business from customers.
  • Each of our clients receives a toll free number dedicated to their product. This enables us to assist customers promptly and professionally... and if the customer is trying to locate their goods, our real time reporting system allows us to answer their questions in seconds.
  • Our Live Operator calls are 100% recorded allowing retrieval to ensure our client’s satisfaction as well as to assist in an order dispute.
  • We’ll assist you in determining the best package to meet the demands of your business today and as you grow
  • ... and that's not all, we have a team of specialists dedicated to dealing with administrative issues for our clients such as chargebacks.